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The song "Firecracker" was released as a single in Japan in 1978 and in the United States and United Kingdom in 1979, becoming a major R&B hit in the United States. [14] The same year, the song was released as the "Computer Game" single, which combined the "Computer Game" and "Firecracker" tracks together. The "Computer Game" single was an even greater international success, selling over 400,000 copies in the United States [12] and entering the top 20 of the UK Single Charts . [13]

The English version of Dougal was generally disparaging and had similarities with the television character of Tony Hancock , [1] an actor and comedian. Ermintrude was rather matronly and fond of singing. Dylan was a hippy -like, guitar-playing rabbit, and rather dopey. Florence was portrayed as courteous and level-headed. Brian was unsophisticated but well-meaning. Zebedee had a red face and large upturned moustache, was dressed in a yellow jacket, and in the first episode was delivered to Mr Rusty in a box, from which he burst like a jack-in-the-box : hence the lower half of his body consisting entirely of a spring. In most episodes he appeared, usually summoned by Florence, with a loud "boing" sound, and he usually closed the show with the phrase "Time for bed".

Audacious Critics don’t like your work. What to do? Compose a huge symphony full of self-quotations and cast yourself as the main character. That is what Richard Strauss did in Ein Heldenleben ( A Hero’s Life ), “a monstrous act of egotism,”according to one reviewer. The result? A fabulous...

Today Knoll carries on Harry Bertoia’s legacy of innovation, inspiration and beauty with the Bertoia collection, which has been in continuous production around the world since its introduction. In 2005 Knoll introduced the Asymmetric Lounge, a design from Bertoia’s initial experimentation that never reached production.

Yellow Magic Orchestra Technopolis Solid State SurvivorYellow Magic Orchestra Technopolis Solid State SurvivorYellow Magic Orchestra Technopolis Solid State SurvivorYellow Magic Orchestra Technopolis Solid State Survivor