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Outside, the mine's owner, Leigelf, offers to buy all the ore I chipped up, which strikes me as a little weird. It's his mine, isn't it his ore? It's like owning a grocery store, then buying all the food back from the customers as they leave. Leigelf also makes an angry, passing reference to "milk drinkers." I don't know what the heck that means, but I assume it's some sort of racism. Stay classy, Leigelf. At any rate, I want to try to use this ore to craft something more valuable, so I don't sell any of it. I wait patiently for a miner named Lond to finish using the smelter, smelt half of my ore into ingot form, then head over to the blacksmith's shop.

1 scoop of cappuccino, 1 scoop of vanilla, 1 scoop of hazelnut gelato topped with cream, coffee sauce, coffee beans & Kahlua

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The following is an incomplete list of wine tasting descriptors and a common meaning of the terms. These terms and usage are from Karen MacNeil's 2001 edition of The Wine Bible unless otherwise noted.

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Various The Fresh Sounds From LiverpoolVarious The Fresh Sounds From LiverpoolVarious The Fresh Sounds From LiverpoolVarious The Fresh Sounds From Liverpool