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A special 20th anniversary show for internationally-respected record label Bella Union will take place at Leaf as founder Simon Raymonde (ex-Cocteau Twins) brings his project Lost Horizons to Bold Street .

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The impressive band keep switching it up and raise the tempo with the great Jerry Barnes providing the funky bass and groove for the rest to follow. They fill every gap in Rodgers choppy rhythm guitar style. Props to Kimberly Davis on lead vocals for most of the night, what a talent. I could mention every band member.

This is a list of songs that either use direct samples from "Good Times" or feature an original recording inspired by the song.

SO JUST WHO ARE CHIC AND WHO IS NILE RODGERS? Nile Rodgers isn’t a household name, but make no bones about it he’s the man behind some of …

Chic Le Freak Good TimesChic Le Freak Good TimesChic Le Freak Good TimesChic Le Freak Good Times