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Shaw worked for various independent promotions in his final years, and trained several wrestlers in Saginaw, MI. His final match was in Paramus, NJ on July 24, 2009 in a losing effort against Prince Akkanatan.

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"Under President Trump, the United States will break new ground and break new records," Pence said. "We'll recapture the spirit and rekindle the vision of our forebears in partnership with the free nations and free peoples across this hemisphere. We will once again awe the world with all that we accomplish together."

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Joe Green has been an employee of Valet Park of America since June of 1991, when he started off as a valet attendant. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Master’s Degree. Joe currently leads our . department and handles all technology-related issues. This includes implementation of systems, technology purchasing, and research & development. Joe works closely with our management staff, aiding in the development of new processes using cutting-edge technology and improving overall efficiency in our day-to-day operations. He works with our administrative staff, creating and developing new ways to provide information that our clients need in effective and efficient ways, while also running our Special Events and Charter Transportation departments.

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Ivy Mike Test: Mike Time: 19:14: 31 October 1952 (GMT)
07:14: 1 November 1952 (local) Location: Elugelab ("Flora") Island, Enewetak Atoll Test Height and Type: Surface burst Yield: Mt The device detonated in the Mike ("m" for "megaton") test, called the Sausage, was the first "true" H-Bomb ever tested, that is - the first thermonuclear device built upon the Teller-Ulam principles of staged radiation implosion. The device was designed by the Panda Committee directed by J. Carson Mark at Los Alamos (Teller declined to play a role in its development). The megaton device was a two stage device using a TX-5 fission bomb as the primary stage, and a secondary stage consisting of liquid deuterium fusion fuel stored in a cylindrical Dewar (thermos) flask. Running down the center of the Dewar was a plutonium "spark plug" rod to ignite the fusion reaction. The Dewar was surrounded by a natural uranium pusher/tamper weighing more than 5 metric tons. The entire assembly was housed in an enormous steel casing, 80 inches wide and 244 inches long, with walls ~10-12 inches thick, the largest single forging made up to that time. The inside surface of the casing was lined with sheets of lead and polyethylene to form the radiation channel that conducted heat from the primary to the secondary. The entire device weighed 82 tons. The enormous explosion was the 4th largest device ever tested by the . 77% (8 megatons) of the yield was due to fast fission of the natural uranium pusher/tamper, with remainder ( megatons) coming directly from fusion of the deuterium fuel. The island the test device was installed on, Elugelab (code named Flora), was entirely destroyed. The resulting crater was 6240 ft across and 164 ft deep. High levels of radiation blanketed much of the atoll following the test. Preparations for the Shot Outside the Mike shot cab (34 K)
357x434, 46 K The Sausage is being prepared for the test by welding "light pipes" to it, that will permit measurement of the emission of light from specific locations on the surface of the casing.
338x250, 15 K The Sausage in its shot cab Click for big image (640x474, 43 K) Click for biggest image (939x695, 85 K)
640x466, 55 K The Sausage in its shot cab Click for big image (1024x746, 128 K) Click for biggest image (1600x1166, 413 K) Below Marshall Holloway, who directed the Sausage preparation and the Mike Shot is seen posing in front of the device (center). The Sausage and Holloway (58 K) Below is a view along the atoll island ring, showing the shot cab on Elugelab and the instrumentation set-ups on the neighboring islands of Teiter, Bogairikk, and Bogon. The 9000 foot long causeway linking the islands together is the "Krause-Ogle box", a 9 foot square aluminum-sheathed plywood tunnel filled with helium ballonets. This box allowed gamma and neutron radiation from the blast to travel with little absorption to test instruments on Bogon. Mike shot set up along the atoll (92 K). Detonation The Mike Fireball
383x480, 56 K Mike Fireball Click for big image (640x480, 83 K) Click for biggest image (1024x768, 192 K) The mushroom cloud climbed to 57,000 feet in only 90 seconds, entering the stratosphere. One minute later it reached 108,000 feet, eventually stabilizing at a ceiling of 120,000 feet. Half an hour after the test the mushroom stretched 60 miles across, with the base of the mushroom head joining the stem at 45,000 feet. Two slightly different versions of the same mushroom cloud image
Each version has its own unique advantages in detail and esthetics
312x250, 16 K Ivy Mike mushroom cloud Click for big image (640x513, 32 K) Click for bigger image (1024x820, 60 K) Click for biggest image (1477x1183, 109 K)
335x250, 17 K Ivy Mike mushroom cloud Click for big image (640x478, 24 K) Click for bigger image (1024x765, 71 K) Click for biggest image (1600x1195, 296 K) Three slightly different versions of another mushroom cloud image
Each version has its own unique advantages in detail and esthetics
419x250, 20 K Ivy Mike mushroom cloud Click for big image (640x382, 27 K) Click for bigger image (1024x611, 65 K) Click for biggest image (1600x954, 143 K) Mike Test Movie
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The Mike Theodore Orchestra Disco People Dragons Of MidnightThe Mike Theodore Orchestra Disco People Dragons Of MidnightThe Mike Theodore Orchestra Disco People Dragons Of MidnightThe Mike Theodore Orchestra Disco People Dragons Of Midnight