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What is an element? An element maybe defined as any substance that : Contains only one kind of atom. It cannot be broken down into a simpler form due to either a chemical or physical means (Copper or Sulphur) Can exist as either atoms or molecules (Oxygen or Nitrogen) Elements are arranged in the periodic […]

Children of YesterYear Writing Prompts Use primary source photographs to spark student writing. Each photograph has a title and a question. A photo analysis guide is included. Digital Storytelling Leave a legacy of cultural history for future generations through digital storytelling. Stories are important because they provide us with a voice in time and place about our heritage. Rich digital stories can be created using many different technologies such as iMovie, Moviemaker, and Photo Story 3. Stories can then be published or broadcast over the Internet. To construct a lasting record, stories should also be preserved in print on acid free paper and both the digital and print copy donated to a repository such as a local library or museum. Folklore: A Tapestry of Life This summer (2001)I had the opportunity to attend a workshop presented by Paddy Bowman from the National Network for Folk Arts in Education. Paddy is a leading authority on folklife and culture. The title of the workshop was "Finding the Invisible: Folklore in Sense of Place." Her inspiration to learn about one's sense of place in the community through traditions, music, food, and crafts was the catalyst for this article. Sometimes everyday life becomes invisible until you begin to analyze and categorize your experiences. You have to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch daily life in such a way that you begin to feel a sense of person in the place where you live. Connecting students with community can open doorways to the cultural legacies of many diverse groups of people. It will certainly enlighten minds. Henry Builds a Cabin Activity When Henry decides to build a cabin, he is given lots of advice from his friends. While others think it should be bigger, he has his own ideas. Follow Henry through the building process and see how his cabin is just right! Henry Builds a Cabin is another fantastic book by . Johnson that looks at the life of Henry David Thoreau in a delightfully engaging way. It is a book for all ages.

Breathe dust like you breathe wind so strong in your face little grains of dirt which pock around the cheeks peddling against a dust-storm coming down a street to the edge of town in Swift Current Saskatchewan or the air walked out into the fields across from Granny Erickson’s house with a few pails of water to catch gophers over by the glue factory downwind of...

West Street - Looking north down West Street in 1979. 'Shephards of Gateshead', which became 'Shopping City' for a while, was demolished in the 1980s to make way for an open car park for the nearby Tesco superstore. Recent new buildings now cover the site and the scene today is totally changed.

This has been an age-old tradition in Rajgarh--Muslims taking the flag of Lord Hanuman from the famous dargah to the temple on the occasi...

Webs Lost Cricket In My Ear Blue SkiesWebs Lost Cricket In My Ear Blue SkiesWebs Lost Cricket In My Ear Blue SkiesWebs Lost Cricket In My Ear Blue Skies